When planning for an adventure, there are a lot of gadgets and equipment you have to pack. You only want to pack equipment that will be the most efficient and make your trip the most successful. One of the things you absolutely need for a long journey is a cooler for your food and drinks. You could get an ice chest and worry about buying ice constantly and it melting and not keeping your items cold at the correct temperature. Alternatively, you could use a traditionally powered cooler that needs to remain plugged in to work, but then you have to keep it plugged in or make sure you have a constant power source. None of these options seem like the best choice for your trip. What if you could have a cooler run on its lithium battery for up to three days without needing to be plugged into a power source? Helux has the answer you are looking for.



We here at Helux are master adventurers and this cooler should be bought by everyone. Helux E-Series powered coolers allow you to travel smarter and not have to worry about the constant power source to keep it running. While Helux E-Series powered coolers can run while plugged into a power source, its uniqueness lies in its lithium battery keeping it running if it’s disconnected. The coolers can be charged by AC power, DC power, or Solar power, making it extremely versatile. Helux E-Series powered coolers are affordable, low maintenance, easy to use, extremely durable, easy to store, and highly efficient using an LG compressor.


Helux E-Series has a dual-zone cooler that can keep items frozen on one side, and cool on the other so you can put your ice cream sandwiches and ketchup all in the same cooler. For example, on one side you could have the temperature set for 0° F, and the other could be set at 34° F. Both the dual-zone and single-zone E-Series powered coolers have an eco-mode to efficiently utilize the LG compressor. The E-Series powered coolers also have two separate USB ports to charge small devices such as a phone or a speaker.


We’re confident that Helux powered coolers would make a great addition to your adventure.

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